Lobby Knowledge

The only knowledge engine that works for you.

The most powerful way to write, search, and share documentation for Web 3 communities and DAOs.
More than a knowledge base.
Lobby is faster, smarter, and more dynamic than any other knowledge solution. Ditch your document hub for the most intelligent knowledge engine ever.
shape shift DAO's lobby knowledge instance
ShapeShift DAO loves Lobby's intuitive and customizable documentation experience.
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More finding.
Less searching.

Lobby's powerful search engine is designed to help. Every edit is reindexed in real-time, meaning the entire community has fast and accurate search results instantly.

Semantic search

Semantic search means you don't have to know the right keywords every time – Lobby knows what you mean.


Lobby's search is so powerful, it can intelligently answer questions directly from your knowledge base, almost like a human.

decorative screenshot illustrating token gating form in canvas

Access, controlled.

Keep your sensitive documents secure with custom token-gating. Limit access to just your DAO, a team, or even a single wallet, or leave some pages open to the public to learn more about your community.

Serve your community
anywhere they are.

Communicating globally is hard for any community. Lobby makes it easy to write translations for any document in the knowledge base, making internationalization available to everyone.

And so much more...

Lobby Knowledge comes with loads of useful features to help you focus on what matters most: your community.


Share commonly used apps and links with a single beautiful homepage. It's like LinkTree for your entire community.



Group documents by access level, category, or topic for easy discovery and access controls at any level.



Assign trusted members of your community to hunt for irrelevant or abusive content to keep your workspace tidy and safe.



Lobby's custom editor is open-source and designed for Web 3. Build custom extensions to make the most of your workspace.



See changes to any document over time and see who authored the changes, perfect for compensation or moderation.


Personal Workspace

Lobby community power users love writing and searching in their secure private space using the same technology as Lobby.



Make your forms and surveys public, use tokens for access control through token gating, or set specific addresses for anyone you want to participate.



Plan for the future with ideas and votes from your community to deliver the highest priority projects with confidence.



Create a uniquely intuitive onboarding process, spot trends early and gain powerful insight about your newest audience.



Seamlessly coordinate, gauge interest, and understand group dynamics on a broad scale.



Receive powerful insights from a larger audience through incentivized surveys and forms instead of baseline approaches from other platforms.



Create multiple surveys and forms with ease in order to review responses and improve your process.

Build your community in 5 minutes or less.