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Building complex business logic is a breeze. Lobby Code suggests the best way to implement your ideas.

Write your code
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Code generation takes care of the grunt work so you can focus on solving the important problems.

Natural query language.

Coding isn’t just about writing code; it's also about interacting with databases. Lobby Code extends its capabilities with Lobby DB, the world's first AI database client.

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No problem.

Generate code with the most popular libraries and frameworks in no time.

To make this component work with other components you must:
  1. Add a background color to each section div on this page. This will ensure that the progress bar does not appear in other sections of the page.
  2. Make sure this page uses a page-wrapper div to wrap all components on the page. This, along with step 3, makes it possible to edit the content inside of the timeline.
  3. Add the timeline-on-page class to the page-wrapper and the main-wrapper class. This, along with step 2, makes it possible to edit the content inside of the timeline.

Generate code where you write it.

Lobby Code is enabled by a powerful code generation engine built on the latest Artificial Intelligence technology. That means you can use Lobby Code in Visual Studio Code, the world's most popular code editor, or Lobby DB, our bespoke database client.


Tackling your next big idea just got easier.

Bring your vision to life with a streamlined development process. Ideate and innovate in record time.

Scaffold your project.

Generate the most common files and folders in seconds. Enjoy access to over 20 of the most popular languages.

A library of libraries.

Use popular packages and libraries with your project instantly. No configuration needed.


Your dreams, now within reach.

Chat without missing a beat.

Chat lives right next to your code for a smooth, seamless coding experience. Never flip back and forth from chat again!

Deliver features faster.

Lobby Code outperforms every AI competitor in terms of context awareness.


Experimentation is the mother of innovation. Do more of both.

Improve quality of life without giving up yours.

Take back your time by shipping the features your customers love in a fraction of the time.

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Automate automated testing.

Cover more cases.

Face it. Manually testing every corner of your app is unreasonable. Lobby Code helps you automate the most important parts of your app.

Improved accuracy.

Craft more accurate and comprehensive tests from the get-go, reducing the need for time-consuming iterations and retests.


Modify legacy code painlessly.

Old languages.

Lobby Code works with older languages like Lisp, BASIC, and COBOL.

Respect fragility.

Lobby Code can back-fit new code into old call signatures to make sure nothing breaks in migration.

Intelligent Code Engine

Proprietary, evolutionary AI

Lobby's code generation engine is constantly improving and adapting to the latest technology, while keeping your data and source code secure. Leave the AI to the experts and focus on what you do best.

OUr customers
"I've only spent 10 minutes with Lobby Code and it's already blown my mind. It's like Copilot & ChatGPT had a child that inherited only their best traits."


Developer, ShapeShift

"My favorite moment was highlighting some wonky CSS and asking it fix the code and change the appearance. It does both and leaves a comment where it adds the changes. So it’s fixing and I’m learning, too!"

Dawn Kelly

Lobby Power User

"Honestly, Lobby Code opened my eyes to what is possible with no tech skills. My MVP that I thought would take years and tons of money is now days away… and I have to start being serious about the future."

Zack Zayak

Product Designer


Let's get into the details. Don't see your question here? Reach out and we can help.

Who owns the code that Lobby Code generates?

All code produced by the extension belongs to the end user or organization. Lobby does not offer license or warranty on code generated by the extension – it is provided as-is and should probably be reviewed by a human.

How much does Lobby Code cost?

Lobby is pleased to offer a free tier during the product beta period. Your experimentation during this period helps us improve Lobby Code for you and other users. Paid plans are available to individuals and organizations working on confidential codebases who want to opt out of telemetry.

Do I have to create an account to use Lobby Code?

Yes, Lobby Code requires you to sign up and verify your email address. We never sell your email to third parties and may send occasional updates about improvements and new features in Lobby Code.

Does Lobby upload my source code or database?

During the beta period, some source code or database schemas may be included in generation requests and stored temporarily to verify and improve generation quality across a variety of scenarios. We never upload your code or data, and we never sell content to third parties. Individuals and organizations interested in opting out of telemetry can contact our team.

Is Lobby Code an app or website?

Lobby Code is available for code generation through our Visual Studio Code extension. Also try our AI database client, Lobby DB, to create queries for your app and analyze your data faster than ever.

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