Sales delegates powered by AI.

Leverage the capabilities of our Sales Bot to convert visitor interest into sales, fostering business growth.

Pave The Way for Efficiency

Watch as the Sales Bot saves time, increases sales productivity, and bolsters your bottom line. See it effortlessly facilitate a customer interaction by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

Personalize to Progress.

Our Sales Bot customizes interactions for every user, making them feel valued.

Customize with Confidence.

Train the Sales Bot to perfectly align with your business needs.

Expand Opportunities.

Maximize your customer interactions with the help of our Sales Bot, tirelessly active 24/7.

Automate to Accumulate

Let our Sales Bot gather and organize key customer data for immediate access and utility.

Powered by Lobby Studio Pro.

Lobby Sales Bot uses the same powerful engine behind all of Lobby's AI code products. That means best-in-class output and industry-leading privacy.

Tuned for success

Lobby's incredible AI engine has been fine-tuned for generating robust, repeatable sales interactions.

Privacy first

Lobby will never upload your code or data, and we never sell content to third parties.


Get informed about the basics and let us know if you have any questions.

What is the Sales Bot and how does it work?

The Sales Bot is a 24/7 working widget that engages with your website visitors and collects their contact data.

What are the benefits of Sales Bot?

Sales Bot automates tasks like data collection and visitor engagement, freeing up your team's time.

What are the steps to install Sales Bot?

The Sales Bot is designed for quick and easy set up on your website, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems. Contact us today to gain access, and we can get you set up in less time than a sales call.

Does the Sales Bot maintain brand consistency?  

Absolutely. With fine-tuned training via Lobby Studio Pro, the Sales Bot can maintain your brand's voice to a tee.

What is Lobby Studio Pro?

Lobby Studio Pro is the system you use to train your Sales Bot - all customizable to suit your business needs.

Transform your sales process today.

The potential is vast, the steps are simple, and the payoff is powerful!

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