The Solution That Starts the API Revolution - Say Hello to EarnKit

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Tracking contributions is essential for a successful DAO. If you want your DAO to have every advantage available, then this is a must. On top of that, making manual payments can lead to bottlenecks, manual redemption of rewards can lead to disengagement, and focusing on security can take away from your focus in other areas. 

The issue with this, however, is that building an API like this takes a lot of time and resources. When done correctly, having one built in-house for your DAO can take months at a time and have a whole host of other issues. On top of that, such an API would need to be maintained by your engineers.

With all this in mind, what’s the best way to effectively track and manage contributions for your DAO? The best way to do these things is to go with a customizable API designed by experts that does it all for you. 

The Problems with Building Your Own API for Contribution Tracking

While a new API is the best solution, there are several reasons that making your own isn’t the most effective way to solve the problem.

  • Time: You needed an API that helps you incentivize behaviors with your DAO yesterday. Building one that works for you is something that takes months to get up and running, even with the best team of engineers
  • Resources: Months spent using resources to develop your own API for contribution tracking and engagement could be better spent on projects you were already working on and prioritizing. 
  • Security: A massive component of using the right tool for the job when it comes to an API is making sure that it’s secure. Have you accounted for everything? What are you doing for authentication? Do you have the best precautions set up?
  • Setting up processes without expertise makes you more vulnerable: Experienced engineers are needed to ensure that your API is as secure as possible.
  • Disengagement: Any manual redemption needed for your users to get rewards can lead to large increases in disengagement. Automating redemption with a new API can maintain and even increase engagement.  

When you consider all the time and resources it takes to build up an API, it makes more sense to use one that already exists. The good news is that the best tool for tracking and incentivizing contributions to your platform is already here.

The Perfect Tool for Contribution Tracking and More Already Exists

EarnKit is exactly what you need for contribution-based governance, incentivization, and more. Automate processes like payments and incentivize customers to stay within your ecosystem longer.  

Takes less than 2 hours to set up

EarnKit is a tool that is easy to set up and integrate into your platform. You can integrate EarnKit in two hours or less. This saves you months of time and resources that would have been spent building out your own API. Our API reduces the risk of errors and saves you incredible amounts of time that you can use for vital aspects of your business. EarnKit is also easy to use, freeing up engineering time for other parts of your business. 

Secure and reliable reward systems

You can also rest easy knowing that EarnKit is incredibly secure. Multi-signature authentication makes sure that your payments are secure and reliable across all customers. With EarnKit, we can focus on giving you a secure payment system so you can focus on your app. By using audited Gnosis Safe smart contracts, your users’ funds are always secure. 

Automated reward redemption 

When members of your DAO contribute, you don’t have to worry about manually paying out rewards or engaging in manual redemption. EarnKit can automatically payout rewards. With EarnKit, your customers can redeem their rewards at any time, incentivizing continuous engagement. This can also increase the type of flow from your users performing a task, immediately getting rewarded for it, and then coming back for more.  

Contribution Tracking That Isn’t Just Automated - It’s Perfected

When it comes to tracking contributions and rewarding the members of your platform in a way that incentivizes engagement, EarnKit is exactly the right tool for the job. Don’t spend long hours and untold amounts of resources on something that you can simply integrate in less than two hours that works right out of the box. EarnKit is the solution.

Ready to Join the API Revolution? EarnKit is the Solution!

Don’t spend time and resources when the perfect tool for your DAO is already here. With EarnKit, you can supercharge your in-app rewards in two hours or less with a system designed by experts. Start tracking your users' contributions and incentivize higher levels of engagement with EarnKit!