Release Notes
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To everyone in the Lobby community, thank you for an unprecedented launch week. Thanks to your support and feedback, we’re off to the races supporting dozens of communities on Lobby. This week, we want to share some updates to the Lobby product we’ve implemented based on your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve Lobby for you, so if you have feedback or suggestions, we invite you to join our chat in Discord.

New Features

  • Personal workspaces. Take advantage of all of Lobby's great features in a private workspace secured by your wallet.
  • Landing pages. Personalize your Lobby page with a custom background and link icons. It's like a Bookmarks tab for your community.
  • Create a community. Users are now able to create a community and give it a name/slug/picture.
  • Permalinking is now available on documents so they always go back to the correct link after name changes.
  • Deployed smart contracts for Lobby's early contributors drop NFT.


  • Unsaved document title changes are now autosaved
  • Fixed a bug that caused a lag when switching tabs or communities


  • Button to summon Command K moved to the document header
  • Improved appearance of language buttons.  Translation flags are now more opaque if the language is not available
  • Improvements to translating document titles
  • Polished UI on mode selector dropdown
  • Better icons between items in breadcrumbs
  • Subtler hover effect when changing modes
  • Added hints to mode dropdown for keyboard shortcuts
  • Flatten ui across document navbar
  • Improve sidebar toggle accessibility
  • Use new IPFS gateway to try to improve load times