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Our flagship knowledge engine for Web 3, the product that started it all.

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Our newest product empowering communities to survey and engage their community.

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Save the most important details where they'll never get lost.

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Pin your most important community links with Lobby Launcher. With tokenized onboarding and our GPT-3 powered search, discovery is a breeze for new contributors.  

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Build beautiful and powerful documents with an editor that’s fast and familiar. Use tokenized access to control the flow of information.

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Protect your knowledge base and manage information with token gated access. Make decisions faster with real time access to information as you adapt and grow.  

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Lobby is the home for your web3 community. Onboard, coordinate, and govern with confidence, all from one place.

Onboard, coordinate, and govern. Without limits.

Lobby powers Web 3 communities and DAOs of all sizes. So you can focus on what matters most.


Twali is using Lobby's knowledge base to build a library of exclusive resources to accelerate professionals moving into Web 3.


ShapeShift is expanding the reach of their community and products using Lobby to translate and internationalize documentation.


Framework Ventures is sharing resources with portfolio companies using their access pass and token-gating with Lobby.

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