Build your own AI that's actually helpful.

Use our custom AI to design systems, solve problems, and help you learn new topics.
Stay focused on the parts of software engineering you enjoy.

Connect your data with a click.

Lobby securely integrates with your existing repositories and drives, enabling you to build LLMs in the context of your project, client, or company.

Coding efficiency without getting in the way.

Scales your impact when you need it, out of sight when you don’t. Stay in control and reduce manual tasks with conversation memory, custom-built tools, and configurable pipelines.

Your libraries, your languages, no limits.

A simple but powerful bot builder with modern learning capability to change the way you interact with engineering work. Enjoy an easier way to build skills and squash bugs - giving back time to focus on priorities.

Enterprise grade security

Keep your data in good hands. Lobby’s AI engine is GDPR-compliant and completely hosted by Lobby, meaning you never have to worry about your data being used for training.


Let's get into the details. Don't see your question here? Reach out and we can help.

How does Lobby Studio help optimize my coding process?

Lobby Studio can easily ingest any repository or documentation, producing correct code, effeciently.

How can the AI bots be customized?

The AI bots of Lobby Studio can be customized to your specific project needs and industry requirements. They can be trained on any given data set, allowing them to become experts in any field you need, whether it's a data engineering, dev ops, or using the newest web framework.

What can Lobby do besides write code?

With the ability to train custom LLMs, Studio becomes more than just a code generator – it's a full engineering companion that's as skilled or general as you need it to be. Use bots to design systems, explain implementations, detect bugs, and document code for your team and customers.

Who owns the inputs and outputs to my models?

As a Lobby customer, you retain the rights to your data and any content you generate. Lobby never trains on your data, and we never sell your data to third parties.

How is my data kept safe with Lobby Studio?

Yes, Lobby Studio respects your privacy and is committed to maintaining solid data security. Our AI engine is GDPR-compliant and self-hosts all models, ensuring your data remains safe and secure.

What training resources does Lobby offer to engineers?

Lobby Studio provides top-notch assistance including 1:1 onboarding calls with engineers on our team. Book an onboarding call here:

Alternatively, you can access our helpful 'Getting Started' guides for a self-paced learning experience:

7-day free trial, then $20/mo.