Focus on the real work and let Lobby simplify your AI

Lobby Studio is the AI platform that makes it easy for anyone on your team to build intelligent & interactive AI tools to accelerate your business.

Turn website traffic
into customers

Use Lobby Studio to build powerful website bots that answers customer queries and directs them further into the funnel. Rest assured your customers are taken care of — giving back time to focus on top priorities.

Powerful features for every role

Scales your impact when you need it, out of sight when you don’t. Stay in control and reduce manual tasks with conversation memory, custom-built tools, and configurable pipelines.

Connect your data with one click

Lobby securely integrates with your existing repositories and drives, enabling you to build LLMs in the context of your project, client, or company.

Enterprise grade security

Keep your data in good hands. Lobby’s AI engine is GDPR-compliant and completely hosted by Lobby, meaning you never have to worry about your data being used for training.


How does Lobby Studio help my startup ship faster?

Lobby's AI studio provides the training tools that streamline the process of building bots that behave predictably. This means that startups of any size can rely on Lobby to create compliant code and communicate consistently with customers and investors.

Can I share bots I make with my team?

Yes! Lobby Studio is great for starting solo and adding your team as you grow. With fine access controls, you can ensure that sensitive data stays with the responsible parties while sharing powerful tools amongst your team.

What some common tasks for startups in Lobby Studio?

With the ability to train custom LLMs, Studio becomes more than just a chatbot – it's a full suite of reusable tools for your growing company. Our startup and business customers love using Studio to:

  • Generate social media posts and SEO content
  • Write code, tests, and documentation
  • Compose investor updates & pitch decks
  • Workshop emails before they're sent
  • Analyze research papers & data
  • Personalized mentorship for the whole team
Who owns the inputs and outputs to my models?

As a Lobby customer, you retain the rights to your data and any content you generate. Lobby never trains on your data, and we never sell your data to third parties.

How does Lobby Studio integrate with my company's tools?

Lobby Studio offers a first-class integration with Google Drive and GitHub, covering the vast majority of startups and their data. Plus, you can import data from any website or PDF, giving you a team of experts on your fast-changing market.

How does Lobby Studio compare to traditional LLMs?

A traditional LLM platform is designed for learning and experimentation, and is a great entry point to the world of AI but quickly shows limitations in practicality. Lobby Studio models are designed for work first, and surfaces auxiliary tools that bring new information capabilities to your bots. Second, since models are hosted on Lobby's own infrastructure, your company's critical models won't be affected by unexpected changes by third parties.

7-day free trial, then $20/mo.