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Connect your data.

Connect your website, documentation, and more. Lobby will use all of that data to train your chatbot.

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Embed on your site.

Gather and organize key customer data automatically, for immediate access and utility.

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Widgets use Lobby's own powerful AI Model. That means best-in-class output and industry-leading privacy.

Privacy first

Lobby will never share your bots or data with third parties.

Tuned for success

Lobby's AI Model is fine-tuned for generating robust, repeatable sales interactions.


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How can I embed a Lobby bot on my site?

Lobby’s tools are designed with ease of use in mind. Customers of all experience levels can easily embed Lobby Widget on their sites. Lobby Studio will guide you through the steps.

How can the AI bots be customized?

The AI bots can be trained on any given website or dataset. They can also be given specific instructions, such as booking meetings with customers, or collecting contact info from qualified leads.

How is my data kept safe with Lobby Studio?

Lobby Studio respects your privacy and is committed to maintaining leading data security practices. Lobby self-hosts all AI models, ensuring your data remains private.

What training resources does Lobby offer?

Lobby provides onboarding calls with a member of our team. Book a time to meet us here:

Alternatively, you can access our helpful getting started guides for a self-paced learning experience:

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