A database client powered by AI.

We built Lobby DB because we never wanted to write a line of SQL again. Now, we are sharing this gift with the world so no one has to write SQL again.


Tech this good deserves an interface to match.

Lobby DB is a powerful standalone app to talk to your database with a UI that is smooth, fast, and private.

Command Center

Multiple projects at a glance.

Command Center is a beautifully simple way to navigate around Lobby DB. A simple keyboard shortcut presents it from anywhere in the app to enable seamless, instant navigation.

Built-in database client

Don't waste time copy and pasting queries between apps. Execute and analyze directly in Lobby DB.

Two-speeds to get the job done.

Enjoy Fast mode for simple queries, while Smart mode performs complex joins and calculus.

Database Support

Your favorite DBs are all here.

PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite with more on the way.

Prompt Modes

Distinct prompt modes help you get it right each time.

Introducing Prompt Modes, a UI innovation that helps you structure your prompts and improve your results. Lobby DB's debug mode uses previous answers and errors to improve your queries.

Powered by Lobby Code's generation engine.

Lobby DB uses the same powerful engine behind all of Lobby's AI code products. That means best-in-class generation and documentation and industry-leading privacy.

Tuned for data

Lobby Code's incredible code engine has been specially fine-tuned for generating robust, succinct SQL queries.

Privacy first

Lobby DB never sends your data to Lobby's servers. Lobby intelligently uses your database metadata to make intelligent predictions.


Get informed about the basics and let us know if you have any questions.

Who owns the code that the extension generates?

All code produced by the extension belongs to the end user or organization. Lobby does not offer license or warranty on code generated by the extension – it is provided as-is and should probably be reviewed by a human.

Is Lobby DB free to use?

Lobby is pleased to offer a free tier during the product beta period. Your experimentation during this period helps us improve Lobby DB for you and other users. Paid plans are available to individuals and organizations working on confidential codebases who want to opt out of telemetry.

Do I have to have a Lobby Code account to use Lobby DB?

Yes, Lobby DB requires you to sign up and verify your email address to use. We never sell your email to third parties and may send occasional updates about improvements and new features in Lobby DB.

Does Lobby look at my database data?

No. Lobby DB uses your database schema (tables and columns) to generate intelligent queries without interacting with your data. The bundled database client runs only on your device, and Lobby never sees data returned from SQL queries.

Is Lobby DB available as a web app?

Lobby DB works best and most securely as a desktop app. For businesses, we can run an on-premises version within your VPC to give your team direct database access through a web UI.

Write less. Do more.

Try Lobby DB for data analysis and query building today.

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