Lobby's AI is doing the heavy lifting in VS Code.

Sit back and direct AI to write code in the world's most popular code editor. Go from idea to prototype to production in record time using Lobby Code's AI code generation and refactoring tools.


Two shortcuts.
Infinite possibilities.

Lobby Code for Visual Studio Code is designed to fit into your workflow seamlessly. All you need to remember to ship at warp speed is two simple keyboard combinations.


A smart default that knows what you're working on.

Command + Shift + I will get you through the day, intelligently scaffolding and refactoring code intelligently within your current file context.


When your integrations need that extra kick.

Command + Shift + K is your secret weapon when you need it. It makes intelligent references from across your codebase for instant integrations.

Your code tells a story. Let it tell you the story.

Lobby Code's extension brings powerful, proactive chat directly to Visual Studio Code. You don't have to leave your editor, helping you stay in your flow state.

Optimized for code

Sometimes an explanation isn't good enough. That's why Lobby Code Chat is optimized to generate more code than default LLMs.

Aware of your world

Lobby Code Chat is always improving and learning more about the world of your code, so answers get even better over time.


Get informed about the basics and let us know if you have any questions.

Who owns the code that the extension generates?

All code produced by the extension belongs to the end user or organization. Lobby does not offer license or warranty on code generated by the extension – it is provided as-is and should probably be reviewed by a human.

Is the extension free to use?

Lobby is pleased to offer a free tier during the product beta period. Your experimentation during this period helps us improve Lobby Code for you and other users. Paid plans are available to individuals and organizations working on confidential codebases who want to opt out of telemetry.

Do I have to have a Lobby Code account to use it in Visual Studio Code?

Yes, Lobby Code requires you to sign up and verify your email address to unlock a higher rate limit. We never sell your email to third parties and may send occasional updates about improvements and new features in Lobby Code.

Does Lobby look at my source code?

During the beta period, some source code may be included in generation requests and stored temporarily to verify and improve generation quality across a variety of scenarios. We never sell your data to third parties. Individuals and organizations interested in opting out of telemetry should get in touch.

Is Lobby Code available for other editors like JetBrains or Vim?

Lobby Code editor extensions are currently built and optimized for Visual Studio Code, the most popular code editor in the world. We are dedicated to building the best possible user experience in VS Code and will consider supporting other editors in the future.

Write less. Do more.

Try Lobby Code in your editor today for free and see how much time you can save.

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