Your idea stage companion.

Plow through prototypes in record time with powerful AI by your side.


Build out your core app in record time.

Don't waste time writing boilerplate when you could be letting your ideas flow. Let AI write the basics so you can focus on finishing your prototype while it's still fresh in your mind.


Generate user interfaces in your favorite frontend framework.

Vue, React, Angular, oh my! And Svelte, and Stencil, and a gazillion others. If there are docs, you can build your next billion dollar idea app with Lobby Code.


Build and integrate your API with no sweat.

It's awesome really. Especially if its a monorepo you can get really good API completions and integrations and type safety.

Chat assistant

Talk to a coding pro. And a DevOps pro.

Use the built-in chat to learn how to deploy your project without leaving VS Code.

Write less. Do more.

Try Lobby Studio Pro today for free and see how much time you can save.

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