Maintain without shame.

Use AI to understand and update ancient code when duty calls.


Tweak, improve, repeat.

Coding standards were just different back then. Lobby Code's instant refactor means you can just highlight the offending code block and watch it be rewritten efficiently.


Blow the dust off old code and ask Lobby what it means.

Before making changes to old codebases, it's crucial to understand what you're getting yourself into. Lobby Code will generate explanations to help you understand codebases long after they've been forgotten.


Generate comments instantly and help the next person.

Whenever you have to work with an older codebase, the best you can do is make it easier for the next person. Leave your mark in this time capsule with AI generated explanatory comments.


Google Translate for your code.

Bring any legacy codebase into modern languages with translation functionality that keeps every detail intact.

Write less. Do more.

Try Lobby Code in your editor today for free and see how much time you can save.

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