Building Effective Professional Relationships with UVic Professors

Time to read: 7 minutes

Date: November 4, 2023

Starting university can be a daunting experience. Among the many new concepts and expectations, one often overlooked aspect is the importance of developing your professional relationships, particularly the ones with your professors. At the University of Victoria, we believe that these relationships can be instrumental in shaping not only your academic journey but also your early career moves. 

This article aims to provide incoming University of Victoria students with useful insights into how they can foster effective and beneficial relationships with their professors. Whether you intend to pursue research, require career mentorship, or simply need advice on your course trajectory, having a strong rapport with your professors can have a significant positive impact on your overall academic experience. Let's explore how you can build these fruitful connections.

We also touch upon how the University of Victoria – often abbreviated as UVic – actively supports and encourages these positive student-faculty interactions, forming academic relationships that extend beyond the hours spent in lecture theaters.

Getting to Know Your Professors 

One of the first steps towards building strong professional relationships with your professors at the University of Victoria is simply getting to know them. Professors' office hours are a tailored opportunity for this.

Attending Office Hours

Office hours are specifically set aside by faculty for student consultation. Whether you have a question about a recent lecture, need further explanation on a challenging topic, or just want a general academic discussion, these sessions are a perfect starting point. Regularly attending office hours not only shows initiative and commitment but also helps your professors remember you, laying the groundwork for a productive and ongoing relationship.

Participating in Class Discussions

Another effective strategy is active participation in the classroom. Engaging in class discussions gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your understanding of the subject matter and express your opinions. This active engagement will likely make you more noticeable to your professors, particularly in larger class settings.

Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

While classroom participation and office-hour meetings are vital, the relationships with your UVic professors can extend past the confines of classroom and office spaces. 

Participating in University Events and Activities

Professors often attend or speak at various university events such as seminars, workshops, or departmental functions. Participating in these events can provide a more casual setting to interact with your professors while also reaffirming your commitment to your field of study. 

Joining Research Projects or Workshops

If a professor is conducting research in a topic that interests you or is hosting a workshop, don't hesitate to get involved. This could involve assisting in research, collaborating on a project, or just attending a workshop. These experiences not only enrich your academic knowledge but also offer valuable networking opportunities with faculty. 

Building a Network Beyond Your Chosen Field

Developing relationships with professors goes beyond your specific area of study at UVic. Diversifying your academic relationships can broaden your university experience and open up opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning and collaboration.

Exploring Interdisciplinary Studies 

University of Victoria offers various interdisciplinary programs, providing a great chance to interact with faculty members from diverse academic backgrounds. These interactions can enrich your understanding of different disciplines and provide a fulfilling, holistic educational experience. 

Collaborating for University or Community Initiatives 

Often, you'll find professors involved in initiatives that span across various university departments or even integrate with the community. These initiatives offer chances to work with faculty members from different fields, facilitating interactions and relationships that, while not directly related to your core studies, can provide broader perspectives and expand your professional network. 

Leveraging Virtual Platforms for Relationship Building

The importance of digital connectivity in fostering professional relationships in current times cannot be understated. The University of Victoria, like many academic institutions, has adapted to this new norm, facilitating several virtual opportunities to foster student-professor relationships.

Online Office Hours and One-on-One Discussions 

Virtual office hours are being increasingly adopted by UVic professors. These digital meetings may seem less formal than traditional face-to-face meetings, but they offer the same benefits. Additionally, using email to arrange one-on-one online discussions with your professors can be an effective way to maintain close contact, address any academic issues, and show your commitment to learning.

Digital Networking Through UVic Social Media Platforms 

Many professors today use social platforms to share research findings, discuss academic matters, and engage with students. Following and engaging with your professors on these platforms can help keep you in the loop about their recent work and provide additional opportunities for interaction.

Maintaining Professionalism

As you deepen relationships with your UVic professors, it's crucial that you maintain a professional demeanor. This approach sets the foundation for mutual respect and forms the bedrock of effective rapport.

Professional Communication Techniques

Effective communication is key to maintaining professional relationships. Ensure your messages to professors are concise yet polite. Use proper grammar, always include applicable subjects, and avoid slang or overly casual language. Treat every interaction professionally and with the appropriate level of formality.

Setting Boundaries 

While developing a strong relationship with your professors is beneficial, it's essential to respect personal and professional boundaries. Recognize that professors have other responsibilities, so respect their time and personal space. Always ensure your requests or inquiries are appropriate and academically focused.

Growing from Mentorship

Mentorship is an integral component of the university experience, and professors at the University of Victoria can play a significant mentoring role in your academic journey.

Turning Professors into Mentors

Professors transition from educators to mentors when they invest in your personal and professional growth. Building strong connections with your professors can actually catalyze this transition. This process involves being proactive, seeking their advice, and respecting their expertise. As your professors start seeing your dedication and commitment, they'll likely start guiding you beyond course content, adding the mentorship facet to your relationship.

Learning from their Guidance and Feedback

Professors at UVic come from a variety of backgrounds with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This diversity is a boon for students looking for mentors. They can provide insightful guidance, valuable advice, and constructive feedback drawn from their diverse experiences.

Moreover, feedback from professors can be a powerful learning tool. They provide a unique, educated perspective on your work, pinpointing areas of emphasis or improvement that you might have missed. Embrace these insights as learning opportunities to further enhance your academic and personal growth.

Long-term Benefit of Faculty Connection

Growing a network and nurturing relationships with your professors at UVic offers long-term benefits that are crucial to your professional development and post-university section of your journey.

Career Guidance and Jobs Networking

Faculty members at UVic are no strangers to industry dynamics and developments, making them valuable sources of career guidance. Conversations about potential career paths, industry trends, and possible job prospects can enlighten you about potential opportunities in your field of study.

Furthermore, professors are often well-connected within their respective fields. They may provide vital networking opportunities, introduce you to industry contacts, or even recommend you for upcoming job openings, internships, or research projects.

Letters of Recommendation for Future Opportunities

A strong professional relationship with your professors also paves the way for comprehensive letters of recommendation. These recommendations can carry a lot of weight when applying for graduate schools, internships, jobs, and scholarships. Your professors' detailed endorsement of your skills, character, and achievements can play a persuasive role in such applications.

In our final section, let's reiterate the value of these relationships and how impactful they can be in your academic and early professional life.


Building effective professional relationships with your University of Victoria professors can significantly enhance your academic experience. These relationships provide a framework for academic learning, offer guidance, deepen your understanding of your chosen field, and even provide opportunities in allied areas. The connections made during your time at UVic often extend beyond graduation and can be instrumental as you step into your professional life.

However, building these relationships takes time, effort, initiative and professionalism. Make the most of office hours, actively participate in class, get involved in research projects, and participate in university activities. Additionally, don't restrict yourself to your chosen field, explore opportunities for interdisciplinary interactions and collaborations. Lastly, in this digital age, leverage online platforms for networking while maintaining a professional demeanor in all interactions.

The journey of forging these professional bonds can be as enriching as the relationships themselves. As you navigate your University of Victoria education, remember that your professors are here to support and guide you. Treasure these relationships as they form the cornerstone of your academic and early professional life at UVic.

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