The Benefits of Bot Sharing With Lobby Studio

Time to read: 4 minutes

Date: February 8, 2023

Having the right tool for the job can make all the difference in the world. Whether you’re a software engineer creating code or are working as a copywriter and need something to give you the edge for a marketing campaign, the right tool can help you get the job done. This is especially true if you can share that tool with others.

Lobby Studio provides the best AI tools for the job, but did you know that once you’ve built a bot you can share it with other team members? Let’s check it out! 

Sharing a Bot with Lobby Studio

One of the unique features that Lobby Studio has is the ability to share the bots that you create with other people. You can share them with coworkers to work on a project together, or create a brand new bot that you can give to your teammates to make everyone’s jobs easier.

Why Would I Share a Bot with a Teammate?

There are several big benefits to sharing bots with teammates. Maybe you’ve created a bot that is a marketing expert for your specific product and your team has a new marketing campaign to work on. You can share that bot with your teammates so that they can get the benefits of using it as well!

Another benefit is that your team can use these bots 24/7. If you need to put in some extra hours and work on something while your coworkers are off the clock for the day, then you can still use the bots your team has to work on the project. For example, maybe you are working on an advertisement for a product and need more information on the benefits that it gives to customers. Rather than waiting until the next day or contacting someone after they’re off the clock, you can ask your marketing bot for the answer. 

Here is a breakdown of the reasons you should share your bots with your team:


When working with a team, sharing bots with each other allows for strong group collaboration. Each person can add their expertise to a project through a bot or even test a bot made by a colleague to make sure that it works well for the purposes you need it for. For example, if you were to make a customer service bot and wanted a second opinion on how well it assists customers, you can share it with a teammate so they can test it out and improve it.

Another benefit that Lobby Studio provides is that the bots you create are designed to communicate in multiple languages. This allows for easier collaboration across different regions or countries.

Customer Service

Lobby Studio allows you to share your bot across multiple customer service platforms. This way, you can have a consistent and effective customer service bot that delivers the same level of service every time someone interacts with your brand.

Training and Education

Users can create a bot to teach others how to easily make other bots that are suited for their specific roles. It’s one thing for a single teammate to learn how to create and share a bot, but this way you can teach everyone on your team how to create and use the best bots for the job. On top of that, you could even create bots that act as teachers or learning resources that are used to train employees or other teammates.

Enhancing Efficiency

Create bots to handle routine tasks and increase efficiency. Every company has tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. With Lobby Studio, you can create bots to automate tasks for any department. By doing so, you will free up more time for these departments to handle important tasks, projects, and customer interactions. 


Lobby Studio’s AI learns and adapts from constant interaction and from different situations. These bots are also able to be implemented in new websites and channels that your company creates as it grows. This means that Lobby Studio’s bots are able to seamlessly grow along with your business as it expands.   

What About the Safety of my Data When Sharing a Bot?

When it comes to data safety, Lobby Studio makes it easy to securely share bots with your team. When you share a bot, you can use fine access controls to make sure that sensitive data remains with exactly who should be accessing it. 


Lobby Studio doesn’t just give you the ability to make the perfect tool for every job, it lets you give it to your team too! No matter the task, Lobby Studio lets you create AI tools that empower your team. With all of this in mind, what are you waiting for? Get started today! 

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