How to Use AI in Your Business

Time to read: 6 minutes

Date: March 25, 2024

With AI being all the rage right now, the big question on many people’s minds is “how do I use AI for my business”? With new AI platforms popping up left and right every day, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until you need to integrate it into your business in some way in order to keep up with the competition. Luckily, we’ve been able to put this article together to explore some potential ways that you might be able to use AI for your business! 

Customer Service

Most businesses have a customer service team or at least deal with customer issues in some way or another. Whether you are the sole owner and operator of your business or have a massive company, dealing with customers and the issues they bring you is a large part of running a successful business. Even freelancers have to deal with servicing their customers properly. So how can AI help? 

For starters, using AI to handle aspects of customer service can free up time for your customer service team of representatives so they can handle more complicated questions and upset or confused customers. Some AI platforms like Lobby Studio give you the ability to embed an AI on your company website that can answer questions about services, issues related to using products, or to direct your customers to a customer service representative. An AI can also be used to help your customers book appointments with members of your sales team. 


When it comes to automating a process for your business, AI can be exceptionally helpful. For example, you can use Lobby Studio to automate testing for your code in addition to hunting for bugs. 

Software Development

Anyone who works as a software engineer or aims to create new programs as a product can benefit from using an AI platform. For example, Lobby Studio can be used to generate code and, as we pointed out earlier, automate tests so that you can focus more on the more important parts of your coding projects. Lobby Studio is also able to integrate with your existing repositories and drives. This makes it the best solution for tackling any software project, client deliverable, or company endeavor. On top of that, Lobby never uses your data to train AI models and never shares or sells your data to third parties. You can learn more about how data privacy and security are important things to consider when looking for an AI platform in our article here.

Content Creation

If you create content like blogs or manage content, then an AI platform may be just what you need to have an edge on your competition. You can speed up your blog creation by using AI to help with the first stage of writing out your posts, brainstorming ideas for new content, and figuring out how to create more content at a faster rate. 

Drafting a blog can take some time, and for good reason. The first step of your process gets your work off of the ground by working out ideas for a post or figuring out what questions your blog should answer for your audience. Using an AI to help brainstorm ideas for posts can help streamline your writing process. It is important to note though, that no matter how good the AI platform is, what it generates should never be considered the final product or version of your blog post. Engaging in proofreading and editing your content thoroughly should be a part of every writer’s process.

Being that AI can help you produce your content faster, you can give your readers what they want faster than ever. This means that if you are in a tight spot and need more content to keep up with a publishing schedule for your website or a client, you can make sure that you always have content to keep up a consistent release schedule. 

Social Media

Just about every business has a social media account these days, and for good reason. Social media is an effective way to spread updates about your business, events you might be hosting, deals, hours of operation during holidays, and more. Businesses can use AI to improve their social media posts in order to increase traffic to their website and attract more customers in the long term. On top of that, if your business also runs a blog, you can use AI to summarize a blog and post that summary on social media with a call to action to read it. This also drives more traffic to your businesses website and increases the popularity (and online visibility) of your products and services.


When it comes to marketing, advertising and email campaigns are strategies that any business should be using. A good AI platform can make a world of difference when it comes to drafting up an email campaign or new advertisement, especially if your marketing team is strapped for time or needs something on the fly. Brainstorming for new ideas for an advertisement or automating and email campaign using an AI can save your team time, meaning that they can focus on other priorities for clients and customers. 


AI can be an incredible tool to use for almost any business. When it comes to choosing the best AI tool for you, it’s best to make sure that the one you go with is one that can help you do your job better. An AI platform can improve your work by streamlining and improving the tasks that you already do on a daily basis. Whether that means making coding easier, automating email campaigns for a marketing team, or drafting ideas for your next blog post, AI platforms like Lobby Studio can help you not only get the job done, but get it done better than ever.

In the future, we will have a series of articles that cover how each of these areas can use AI in their businesses in more detail.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the AI platform that never uses your data to train other AI models, adheres to the highest standards of security compliance, and never shares or sells your data to third parties! Lobby Studio is the tool you need to take whatever business you operate above and beyond. Learn more here!