Lobby Code's New Features - The 1 Tool That you Can't Miss Out On

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Date: July 27, 2023

AI is a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way that developers, students, and communities code. This is true now more than ever with the technology rapidly developing into vital tools that make coding easier and more effective than ever before. Now, a new tool stands out as an innovative and unique tool that takes it all to the next level. With that said, we’re proud to introduce Lobby Code’s new features that make it the most effective AI coding assistant to date. 

What is Lobby Code?

Lobby Code is the coding assistant you’ve always needed. Take a moment and imagine having a coding assistant right next to your code, one that can generate new code or provide immediate insertion with a single click. Lobby Code does this and more. Lobby Code’s chat feature lives next to your code, meaning that the days of flipping back and forth between different tools are over. Now you can enjoy a smooth, seamless workflow without interruptions. The AI-powered coding assistant makes every step of your coding journey more efficient than ever. Lobby Code also provides project-wide awareness and context for intelligent suggestions.

Cutting Edge Total Project Context Feature 

Experience a coding revolution like never before with Lobby Code's groundbreaking project context feature. Lobby Code has the strongest context awareness in the business. Our AI-powered coding assistant empowers developers to take their coding skills to unprecedented heights. Join our exclusive beta program and be among the first to unlock the future of coding.

Tired of spending hours searching for the right code or fixing errors in your projects? Lobby Code's new project context feature is here to redefine your coding experience. Rather than dealing with context on a small scale, Lobby Code is now aware of your entire project. By building a comprehensive model of your code directly on your device, Lobby Code offers unparalleled context awareness. Say goodbye to fragmented coding and embrace a seamless, efficient workflow. 

Our code generation engine goes beyond simple autocompletion, enabling you to refactor, create new code, and fix existing code, all within the file you're working on. Lobby Code is your ultimate partner in reclaiming your time and boosting productivity.

Communicate Naturally With Your Database With Lobby DB

There’s far more to coding than just writing code. Being able to interact with your database is also essential for success. Lobby Code comes with Lobby DB, the world’s first AI database client. 

With Lobby DB, you can use natural language and SQL to communicate with your database. This feature is phenomenal for a range of things from simply reading data to creating complex queries. Lobby DB makes it easier for users of all skill levels to gain valuable insights and accelerate the development of their projects. Whether you’ve been coding for a few years or a few days, Lobby DB helps improve any coding project. 

Lobby DB is the perfect tool for all users, no matter their level of technical expertise. Now you can gain valuable insights and accelerate development. Lobby DB is also an incredible tool for data analysts. Now data analysts can simply generate data queries with ease.

No Docs? No Problem

With Lobby Code, you can quickly generate code with the most popular libraries and frameworks. This is one of the many features that Lobby Code has that enables users to code faster than ever. Lobby Code’s code generation also takes care of the grunt work so you can focus on more important tasks for your project. 

Feedback cycles now take a fraction of the time that they used to. With Lobby Code, you can build data-centric UI components with the UI frameworks you already use. You can also create complex workflows with ease in seconds, and multi-step algorithms are now effortless to make. Did we also mention that Lobby Code also has twice the lines for code generation? At the end of the day, the innovative and time-saving features offered by Lobby Code make coding easier and faster than it has ever been.

Automate Your Automated Testing

One of the most important tasks when it comes to coding is making sure that your tests are up to date. With Lobby Code, you can automate your automated testing in order to make sure that this is the case. When it comes to testing, the truth is that manually testing every single corner of your app is unreasonable. By using Lobby Code, you can automate the most important parts of your app. Rest easy knowing that your important cases are taken care of and spend more time on other parts of your projects. 

Your Privacy is Important

Lobby understands how important privacy is, especially in the digital landscape that we work in today. When it comes to privacy, rest assured that your data is safe. Lobby Code never collects entire codebase source codes or database data contents. The only code that is used are the parts that are required to get the necessary results needed to reproduce errors and improve outputs.

There are, however, differences in data handling between the two tiers.

  • Free Tier

With the free tier of Lobby Code, your code snippets may be stored. Lobby DB stores database schemas.

  • Paid Tier 

Context data is used for suggestions but never stored on our servers.

 Lobby Code ensures that your data remains secure on your device. Confidently explore code suggestions while knowing that your code never leaves your control. You can code with peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is never compromised. 


Are you ready to revolutionize your coding workflow? Lobby Code's project context feature, combined with its powerful AI tools, is your gateway to enhanced productivity, innovation, and a seamless coding experience. Be at the forefront of coding excellence by joining our exclusive beta program. Developers, coding schools, communities, senior year undergraduates, and graduate students in computer science and related programs, this is your opportunity to shape the future of coding. Request your limited free beta access now and embrace the power of Lobby Code. Unlock innovation in every line of code.

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